What is SunDoKwan?


        Literally--Sun means dominant, Do means wave or surge, and Kwan means family; in short, The Dominant Wave Family. SunDoKwan is a closely knit group which is united, physically strong, morally straight, dedicated, confident, and positive. This Association was established for people to recognize the quality of martial arts training and instruction being offered under the guidance of Grandmaster D. K. Cho. Its purpose is to bring a positive image to Tae Kwon Do and its practitioners now and in the future. With a strong foundation and devotion to the art, SunDoKwan delivers the best in martial arts education.


         Since 1973, students have received quality self-defense instruction under the guidance of International Instructor Grandmaster D. K. Cho-an eighth degree Black Belt with over 43 years of teaching experience. As the President of the SunDoKwan Association and New Jersey's top representative for the World Tae Kwon Do Federation-Grandmaster Cho has introduced the SunDoKwan Association to the main Headquarters in Korea, as well as to certified masters across the United States. He has received many awards and letters of recommendation from high-ranking officials for his contribution to Tae Kwon Do and upholding its philosophy. With his staff of full-time, professional instructors-Grandmaster Cho has provided northern New Jersey with the skills and values of this time-tested art.


        The number of people studying this 2000 year old discipline has dramatically increased within the last decade. Parents across the United States regard the values taught by the martial arts as an integral part of their child's overall education. Tae Kwon Do is viewed not merely as a form of physical fitness; but as a means to instill respect, patience, honesty, and self-confidence. These feelings of mental and physical well-being is what motivates men and women of all ages to reach the goals they have set for themselves in Tae Kwon Do. Mental alertness, increased energy, and the ability to defend oneself lead the practitioner to greater self-esteem and contentment.


        SunDoKwan is like a seed which is planted within us. Through proper training and care, this seed will make us physically and mentally tone; but, most importantly, more human. SunDoKwan is more than just a logo which is printed on patches, shirts, and the back of uniforms; it is a symbol of excellence and pride which is always supporting us, and will be planted in our hearts forever.

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            123 East Main Street, Denville, NJ 07834                                                                     1103 US Highway 46, Ledgewood, NJ 07852


123 East Main Street, Denville, NJ 07834

1103 US Highway 46, Ledgewood, NJ 07852